how to wear a guayabera

How to wear a guayabera?

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We tell you about the guayabera, a classic and elegant garment that for years has become very popular all over the world, for casual and super elegant looks.
The guayabera is a shirt with short or long sleeves, depending on taste and occasion, with several pockets and pleats, usually made of cotton or linen, the most noble materials for this type of garment and of course, for your skin and the environment.

It is said that the guayabera originated in Cuba in the 1700's, but today it is very common throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and gaining fame in Europe and the United Arab Emirates, for being a comfortable and simply elegant garment!

At Linen Horse, here are some tips on how to wear a guayabera correctly:

How to wear a guayabera to enhance your look.

Wear a guayabera in a semi-formal or casual occasion. Since it is a very versatile garment, you can wear your guayabera at any time of the day, choose a casual look with jeans and sneakers or for a beach look with a linen bermuda shorts and some nice Greek style sandals for men. For a barbecue or a walk on the beach, you will always look fashionable, very handsome and cool for any girl. Remember that if you decide to wear a long sleeve guayabera you can roll up the sleeves for a more relaxed look.
If you decide to wear a guayabera to a formal or black tie event, choose a dark color with dress pants, or check the etiquette of the event and choose a white linen guayabera with beige linen pants. Men dressed in white are the best looking!

Make sure you choose the right size for your body. The guayabera should fit comfortably around the neck and shoulders, but should not be too tight in the chest or waist as it is a regular fit, for slim and fuller, always fitting your body.
A tip to enhance your figure, if you are tall and slim, choose a guayabera with vertical lines or pleats to help create an illusion of curves. If you are more portly, choose a guayabera with horizontal lines to help give a sense of stature.

Why is the guayabera good for all body types?

The guayabera is a very flattering garment for any body type. Because of its regular fit, it helps to accentuate body shapes and curves. It is also a very comfortable and breathable garment, which makes it perfect to wear in hot climates. Remember to choose a cotton or linen guayabera, for all the benefits of having a shirt made of organic material.
And that's not all, no matter if you are tall, short, slim or corpulent, you can wear a guayabera and always look great.

Pay close attention, we will tell you how to wear a guayabera in a black tie occasion.

If you need to wear a guayabera for a formal or black tie occasion, Linen Horse has some tips for you to wear it the right way:

Depending on the etiquette of the event, you can choose a guayabera in a dark color, such as black, gray or navy blue.

Pair the guayabera with dress pants and formal shoes. You can also wear a tie if you wish. The guayabera is not in conflict with the tie, however it is a garment that in itself, does not need accompaniment, of course if you have a crazier style, celebrate it by adding accessories.

Make sure the guayabera is clean and ironed to give it an elegant look. This tip really works with any garment, but even more important in a black tie occasion, remember that image counts.

Lastly, we give you the pylon from Linen Horse, always make sure you have proper posture and walk with confidence to complement your look. Dress confident, smart or more relaxed and in good quality clothing, and that will add to your great style and personality.

Long sleeve and short sleeve guayaberas.

Actually both types of guayaberas, long sleeve or short sleeve, are ideal for any kind of event in warm or cooler climates as long as you know how to wear it printing your personal style, however, we give you some good ideas to combine them.

Short sleeve guayabera: The short sleeve guayabera is perfect for warm weather. You can wear it with shorts and sandals for a casual look, or with dress pants and formal shoes for a semi-formal occasion. Try embroidered guayaberas that give a different character to a plain traditional guayabera, remember you don't really know what you like until you wear it.
Long sleeve guayabera: The long sleeve guayabera is always an excellent choice for formal or black tie events, for a wedding, work congress or a meeting in the political world. You can combine it with dress pants and dress shoes for an elegant and sophisticated look. Or if you are more casual because it is your look, your signature, you can pair it with lighter linen pants that denote a relaxed attitude but always with character and confidence.

Proposals for modern looks with guayaberas.

For a casual look combine a short sleeve guayabera with shorts, sandals and sunglasses for a fresh and relaxed look. For a boat ride or a walk in Ibiza, just worry if it will be cool enough to choose a long sleeve or short sleeve guayabera shirt.
For a business look wear a long sleeve guayabera with dress pants and dress shoes for a professional and sophisticated look. It's a look that is sure not to fail, and it looks very, very serious.
For a more party look, pair a short sleeve guayabera from Linen Horse with linen pants and leather shoes for an elegant and festive look. Or we repeat, a cool and light linen pants for a look with more character of the soul of the party.

For an evening look combine a long sleeve guayabera with dark dress pants and black leather shoes for an elegant and sophisticated look on a gala night. Whether it's a beach wedding or a ballroom wedding, always comfortable and elegant!
At Linen Horse we want you to dress like a king, whatever your style, exploiting the look with the help of only one garment, the guayabera shirt, light, comfortable and elegant, remember to always have a guayabera in your closet!

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