how to wear a cuban shirt

How to Wear a Cuban Shirt ?

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Among the many models of men's shirts, the Cuban shirt stands out for its very specific details. Very popular in Latin America and the Caribbean, the guayabera is also a big hit in our latitudes.

So how do you wear the Cuban shirt to stand out with all the charm of an authentic garment?

Here are a few tips for a cool summer.

How to recognize a Cuban shirt?

Men's Cuban shirts come in a variety of names. It's called a Guayabera in South America, but it also goes by other names depending on the continent and country that adopted it.

Jac shirt in Guyana, chacabana in Santo Domingo, bush jacket in Jamaica or safari shirt in London, whatever its name, it remains a timeless shirt.

A unique style

The guayabera shirt can be recognized first and foremost by the rows of vertical ribs (alforzas) on the front and back. Generally speaking, there are two on the front and three on the back. A reminder of the cuban flag, says the legend. The stripes can be plain or more elaborate, sometimes with embroidery.

cuban shit guayabera 4 pockets

The cuban shirt also has a fairly wide hem and side slits of around ten centimeters that can be closed.

They also feature front patch pockets with no lapels, but decorated with decorative buttons. Depending on the model, it may have two or four pockets: two chest pockets and two larger ones on the bottom of the garment.

The classic cuban guayabera is the 4-pocket model, whether long- or short-sleeved.

Solid color

The traditional cuban shirt is usually white, a symbol of purity and authenticity. However, with the evolution of trends, color variants have appeared.

You can find guayaberas in subtle shades such as ecru, pale pink, water green, sky blue, khaki and many more. Despite these nuances, the essence of the shirt remains in its plain look, emphasizing its simplicity and timeless elegance.

It's also available in other materials, such as cotton, offering more choice to guayaberas enthusiasts.

Undeniable advantages

Guayaberas originate from warm countries. These shirts are well designed to optimize air circulation. As a result, they provide great comfort in hot weather. Light, cool and comfortable, they enable men to remain elegant in all circumstances.

Famous Cuban shirt fans

The cuban shirt is typically a man's shirt. Its comfort and elegance have made it a hit with celebrities of all eras. It has been worn by Ernest Hemingway, John Wayne and, more recently, Prince Harry.

celebrities wearing guayabera

The (true?) story of the Cuban shirt

Before becoming a fashion item, the guayabera shirt was first and foremost a work garment. It is said to have been made by the wife of a cuban guava picker who didn't know what to do with his tools and tobacco kit while he worked.

Originally from a village in central cuba, her shirt quickly became popular with the local "campesinos". No doubt for its practicality and comfort.

It became known as the guayabera, after its inhabitants, the yayaberos or guayaberos (from guayaba, guava).

What to wear a Cuban shirt with?

Guayaberas are imbued with authenticity. These traditional shirts are worn for weddings, family gatherings (christenings, etc.) and more.

They are still used as work attire (restaurant and hotel uniforms, etc.) as well as formal wear for ceremonies and business meetings. They are also very popular with street musicians (see our cover photo).

The traditional Cuban shirt becomes trendy

This atypical garment, neither totally shirt nor jacket, is now a trendy piece that is slowly making its way into men's dressing rooms.

Five inspirations for wearing the Guayabera

This handsome, loose-fitting shirt in linen or plain cotton is worn over pants, in the style of the yayabero peasant garment.

The traditional model is a long-sleeved shirt, but the short-sleeved cuban shirt is also very trendy. Perfect for a summer wardrobe.

Here are some guayabera look ideas for the summer season:

  • Guayabera with long sleeves, rolled up or not, chino pants (plain or pinstripe) or linen pants and laceless canvas shoes.
  • Linen shirt and wide pants, leather sandals and a jipijapa hat with matching band.
  • Short-sleeved guayabera and light beige pants worn with leather loafers.
  • Cuban-style short-sleeved shirt and loose-fitting '90s jeans with sneakers
  • Cuban shirt and cargo shorts for a Caribbean spirit. Wear with sandals or espadrilles and a straw hat.

Our expert's advice

The Cuban shirt is really comfortable. It keeps you ventilated, yet elegant. A great asset in hot weather.

Adopt it without hesitation, and you'll soon find you can't do without it.

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