perfect guayabera for a wedding day

The Perfect Guayabera for Your Wedding Day

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Wear a linen guayabera and project elegance and style on your wedding day.

At Linen Horse, we will tell you all the benefits of having a linen guayabera in your closet, whether for a casual event or if you are the protagonist in a wedding, for grooms and groomsmen, guayaberas are for you!
To start we tell you the benefits of having a linen shirt.

Linen is a natural material that comes from the flax plant. Made with organic and delicious material, look at all the advantages!

Breathable: Linen is a lightweight and breathable material, which makes it ideal for use in hot and humid climates, ideal for use in spring or summer or any time of year at the beach.
Durable: Linen fibers are more resistant than cotton fibers, which means linen shirts last longer, invest in quality materials in your clothes and you will have quality clothes.
Elegant: The texture and sheen of linen gives the shirt an elegant and sophisticated look, making it perfect for formal or very formal occasions! Believe me, whether you're a guest or the star of a wedding, your linen guayabera will always be on point.
Easy care: Linen is easy to wash and iron, which makes the shirt easy to maintain and always ready to wear. Anyway, don't forget to check out our blog on how to iron a linen guayabera.

Why linen is an elegant material to use in your garments?

Linen has been used in clothing for thousands of years. Its elegance is due to the natural texture of the fiber and the way the material is woven. Linen is a strong and durable material, but it is also lightweight and breathable, which makes it perfect for formal occasions.

Some tips for wearing a guayabera to a fancy wedding if you are the groom or best man, always fashionable!

If you are the groom or the best man in a luxury wedding, it is important that you choose the right outfit to look impeccable and very handsome. Here are some tips on how to wear a guayabera to a luxury beach wedding:

Choose a linen guayabera: For a luxury wedding, it is important that the shirt is elegant and sophisticated. A linen guayabera is an excellent choice, as the material gives it a more formal and elegant look.

Match the guayabera with dress pants: To complement the guayabera, it is important that you wear dress pants in dark tones such as coffee, navy blue or gray. It can be of a thicker linen, remember that linen is always a good idea.

Accessories: To give a final touch to the outfit, you can add accessories such as an elegant watch or dress shoes. Leather sandals can also be appropriate for the event.

Keep the guayabera impeccable: Make sure the guayabera is perfectly ironed and clean before the wedding. Pay attention that the guayabera is your size, although we tell you that the cut of the guayabera is wide, so it is perfect with any type of body, whether you are thin or a little thicker.

Having a linen shirt in your closet is an excellent investment. The natural elegance of linen makes it perfect for formal occasions like elegant beach weddings and for less formal occasions, it's a shirt for life! If you are the groom or best man, follow these tips to look impeccable in your linen guayabera.


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