The Ultimate 2023 Summer Style Guide for men

The Ultimate 2023 Summer Style Guide

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Summer 2023 is finally here, and the beaches have never been so seductive!

Whether stretching out languorously on the warm sand or challenging the waves in the surf, every man knows that style has as much a place on the beach as sunscreen.

Think you know the essentials? Wait until you see our list. In this article, we reveal five key pieces, including the guayabera, the iconic shirt that's much more than just a trend. It's a symbol, a fashion statement that's been resonating for decades.

So get your sunglasses ready, because we're diving right into the ultimate guide to summer must-haves for the modern man.

1. Retro-inspired swim shorts

When temperatures rise, retro style resurfaces, and this year it's making a majestic statement on our beaches. Among the plethora of men's swimwear available, retro swim shorts stand out as the ultimate choice. They transcend simple functionality and become a fashion piece in their own right, whether you're swimming or soaking up the sun on the shore.

Choose bold patterns that breathe the vibes of the 80s and 90s. Vibrant, dynamic hues combine with figure-flattering, eye-catching designs that evoke serene confidence. To sublimate your outfit, there's nothing like pairing it with a white linen shirt, guaranteeing a relaxed, elegant look.

The current trend is for swim shorts in top-quality fabrics, with particular attention paid to finishing touches. Their loose fit guarantees remarkable ease of movement. Some models, moreover, stand out for their eco-responsible commitments, being made from recycled materials, a fashion gesture for the planet.

2. Sunglasses

The ultimate accessory for every summer outfit is a pair of sunglasses. Not only do they protect our eyes from UV rays, they also add a touch of panache to our look. This season, although sporty models inspired by the world of cycling or the ski slopes are all the rage, timeless elegance remains the key.

Models inspired by the famous "Havana" shape are back with a vengeance. Their universal shape suits a wide variety of facial morphologies. The combination of this frame with quality lenses offers not only optimum protection, but also incomparable style, whether worn with a swimsuit or seaside evening wear. Frames in classic shades like black or tortoiseshell bring that vintage, chic and sophisticated touch that many are looking for.

Even more exciting is the convergence of fashion and sustainability. Many manufacturers, concerned about environmental impact, are now incorporating eco-responsible materials into the design of their sunglasses. So you're not only at the cutting edge of fashion, you're also making a planet-friendly choice.

3. The Guayabera: Summer Elegance at Its Finest

The Guayabera is a traditional garment that has stood the test of time while retaining its unrivalled charm. Its rich history and growing popularity make it a summer wardrobe staple.

The warm summer wind, the sound of the waves, and you wearing a guayabera, the picture is perfect. Let's take a look at its variations to understand why this garment has a place in your summer wardrobe.

3.1 Short-sleeved guayabera

The short-sleeved guayabera is the perfect choice for those seeking both comfort and style. Made from linen, it offers incomparable lightness and breathability, keeping you cool even under the midday sun. Its relaxed fit is ideal for lounging by the sea or for a stroll along the promenade.

Pastel colors, such as mint green or sky blue, are ideal for capturing the essence of summer and blending in with the summer vibes. And the little extra? Tropical patterns, instantly evocative of vacations and exotic destinations.

3.2 Long-sleeved Guayabera

For those looking for a slightly more formal yet relaxed look, the long-sleeved guayabera is the answer. Perfect for cooler summer evenings, they combine elegance and comfort. In linen or cotton, it can easily be worn with light pants or even Bermuda shorts for a more casual approach.

3.3 White guayabera

A symbol of purity and elegance, the white guayabera is a timeless classic. It goes with everything from your favorite beach shorts to dress pants for a chic evening by the sea. It catches the light in a unique way, making you the center of attention at every appearance.

Each of these variations has its own unique charm, making the guayabera not only versatile, but indispensable. So, whatever the occasion, there's a guayabera waiting to sublimate your summer look.

4. The Jipijapa Hat, the perfect combination of protection and elegance

Summer, while synonymous with fun, brings with it the challenge of staying protected while maintaining impeccable style. What if an accessory could fulfill both roles perfectly? Enter the world of the jipijapa hat.

The jipijapa hat, also known as the Panama hat, is a hand-woven masterpiece created from toquilla straw. Its Ecuadorian origins give it authenticity and a rich history, while making it the ideal companion to face the summer sun.

4.1 Wide-brimmed Panama hat

Ideal for those seeking maximum protection without compromising on style, the wide-brimmed Panama is a must-have. Its extended brim offers generous shade for your face, protecting against UV rays while making a real fashion statement. It pairs perfectly with casual attire for a day at the beach, or even with a more chic outfit for an evening out.

4.2 Straw fedora

For a look that's a little bolder and trendier, the straw fedora is your ally. With its distinctive silhouette and timeless charm, it's sure to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. More than just an accessory, it's a reflection of an assertive attitude and sense of style.

To take an interest in the jipijapa hat is to embrace tradition while remaining at the cutting edge of fashion. So, if you'd like to discover more and choose the perfect hat for your style, feel free to explore our collection of jipijapa hats. Wear it with confidence, because it's not just a hat, but a fashion statement in its own right.

5. Espadrilles: the perfect alliance between comfort and eco-responsibility

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair for treading the sand, espadrilles stand out as the ultimate choice for any style-conscious man and the planet. Much more than a simple beach shoe, the espadrille embodies a fusion of tradition and modernity.

5.1 Unrivalled comfort

More than traditional flip-flops, espadrilles offer comfort that conforms to the shape of your foot. With cushioned soles and sturdy straps, they guarantee not only a comfortable fit but also durability that stands the test of time. Every step is like walking on a cloud, whether you're strolling along the seafront or engaged in a lively game of beach volleyball.

5.2 An eco-responsible touch

In an age when sustainability has become a priority, opting for eco-responsible espadrilles means making a conscious choice for the environment. Made from ethical and recycled materials, they're not only stylish, they're also earth-friendly.

5.3 Color versatility

Shade choice plays a crucial role in the versatility of your beach wardrobe. Neutral colors such as beige, navy blue or black blend effortlessly with any outfit, offering a smooth transition from day to night.

In short, espadrilles aren't just an addition to your summer shoe collection; they're a statement. A statement of style, comfort and environmental awareness. So put on your smart shoes this summer!

Towards an unforgettable summer: adopt these trendy pieces!

This summer, step out of the ordinary and stand out from the summer crowd! The beach is the perfect place to assert your personality through your outfit. For the modern man between the ages of 24 and 35, these five must-haves will turn every outing into a real parade under the sun.

From retro swim shorts to chic sunglasses, from the soft linen of guayaberas to the sophistication of jipijapa hats, not forgetting the ultimate comfort of espadrilles, each piece has been designed to enhance your look.

It's more than just clothing: it's an invitation to experience a summer of style and authenticity. Because, after all, fashion changes with the seasons, but style stays with us.

So plunge into this summer adventure with boldness and refinement, and create memories that will last well beyond the gentle sunsets on the horizon. And always remember: true style is the one you wear with confidence and pride.

Embrace it, and let the beach bear witness to your brilliance!

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