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The Guayabera, ideal for all body types

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Having a guayabera in your closet is a basic rule that every man should follow.

However, it often happens that we don't know if the guayabera will fit our body the way we expect it to. Here we will tell you the reason why the guayabera, because of its Regular Fit cut, is an ideal shirt for all body types, confused? we explain it to you. First of all, you may wonder,

Why do some men look good in all shirts, it seems to fit their body?It's good that you ask yourself and analyze how to choose a shirt, it's not just go to the store, choose a shirt and pay for it, there is no great science in that act. What is really important is that you pay attention to the label where it says: regular fit, tailored fit, custom fit, slim fit or superslim fit.

What do all these definitions mean? Here we will tell you, since each one of them has a relationship with the cut of shirt you choose.

Let's see the most common types of men's shirts:

1. Regular fit

Also known as Straight Fit, it is the one we commonly know as straight cut. They are the most comfortable of this list, since the width of the sleeve is standard and the armhole is very wide, as well as the chest.

This type of shirt never fails, it is ideal for any body type, since, if it covers your shoulders well, you will fit well in it. And guess what, the classic guayabera has this cut, so we guarantee that it will adapt perfectly to your body and you will always look elegant and tailored.

2. Tailored fit.

This shirt is like the regular fit but a little narrower. Its name indicates that it is a tailored fit, but not tight. It is a shirt that, despite being closer to the body, does not take away freedom or movement, but it gets narrower in the trunk, since what is sought is to enhance the silhouette of the man.

In case you prefer this type of cut in guayaberas, ask us, our collection Wedding guayaberas can be made to your size if you wish.

3. Custom fit

In this shirt the armhole, sleeve width, trunk and chest contour are narrowed even more so that the figure is even more highlighted.

It is an ideal cut for tall and slim people, as it achieves an effect that seeks to emphasize the shoulders of the gentleman with respect to the waist, so that he looks more corpulent.

4. Slim fit

With this cut, the torso is shortened and the chest is narrowed. On the other hand, the armhole and the width of the sleeves maintain their close-fitting style.

Thanks to the cut of this shirt, the man will look much more stocky, in addition to having a much tighter shirt to the body, therefore, it is more recommended to people with a perfect abdomen.

If you are very tall, be careful: you should try on these shirts before buying them, because when you put it on, the length may not be ideal for you and it may seem that it has shrunk when you wash it.

 5. Superslim fit

This model is similar to the previous one, but being much more extreme. From this shirt cut you can expect many things: first, people who are very petite will feel that this is the perfect shirt for them, as it fits perfectly on the shoulders.

In addition to that, it runs so close to the body that it looks like we are talking about a second skin.When you see it on, the subject looks much more corpulent, while your hips look much narrower, if you are very thin, with this type of shirt will look like you've been going to the gym for months.

Now you can see that buying a shirt that fits your body is not so easy, however the classic cut of the guayabera has the characteristic of looking good on all body types. In addition you could learn the considerations you should have when buying a shirt to look good.

Our recommendation for you is to choose the shirt that makes you feel more comfortable, because if you feel good, you will reflect security and confidence, and there is nothing more attractive than a confident man. Each shirt cut represents a different style and you should choose the one you feel is ideal for your weight, height and complexion to avoid looking bad when you dress.

Don't forget that your confidence is your best accessory, so the choice of your shirt or your guayabera, will be key to express your style.

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