when to wear a guayabera

When to wear a Guayabera

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Are you a guayabera lover and always on the lookout for the latest trends? Would you like to wear a guayabera but don't know when the time is right? Good news, our team has analyzed the subject and knows exactly how to guide you.

The best thing is that the guayabera is very versatile. In addition to the fact that it combines with a wide variety of pants, shoes and accessories, it can be worn in all seasons and events.

In this article, we will see together :

  • Everything you need to know about the guayabera.
  • When and with what to combine the guayabera for a successful look.
  • How to complete your style

Wearing a guayabera will no longer be a secret for you. You'll know exactly how and when to wear it for the perfect look.

Let's take a look now.

I - Guayabera shirt : All you need to know

1. What is a linen guayabera shirt?

The linen guayabera shirt is the perfect combination of comfort and style, as it is a garment that keeps us always fresh.

Not for nothing is it one of the basics that any man needs in his wardrobe. The linen guayabera is an elegant, immaculate garment, ready to delight.

Unlike the tailored suit that always involves excessive chaining to merely decorative pieces, the guayabera is practical. It has what is necessary to satisfy the needs of the wearer. Its bags match the vertical saddlebags and the embroidery on some of them.

The guayabera itself is a garment that causes a lot of controversy, first of all, about its place of origin since there are endless stories of where this type of shirt was born, on the other hand, many men are confused about where to wear a guayabera.

They think that its use is exclusive for a wedding at the beach, we tell you once and for all, that is a mistake, you can use your linen guayabera in any occasion and you will always have that chic and super fashion touch.

If you are a follower of men's fashion, surely you have noticed that for several years the linen guayabera has been gaining prominence in men's closets.

Because it is made with this prodigious fabric, and although it is always a great success to use it in tropical climates, it can also be worn in colder climates and be kind to our body temperature.

The linen guayabera is something you must have, whether you want to dress formally during the heat or cold, because let's not forget that it is still a shirt (either with long or short sleeves) that can be buttoned and that gives us a classy and status look.

2. How to wear a guayabera?

If you have a linen guayabera in your closet or if you are thinking of buying one, Linen Horse has several points to consider for its correct use:

1. It should not be too tight. The cut of the guayabera provides some space between the body and the shirt, making it a comfortable and cool garment, it is generally a Regular Fit cut.

2. It is not used with a jacket or tie because it covers the requirements of etiquette by itself. You don't need anything else!

3. You can tie it with a belt to match your shoes, but usually it does not go with a belt because in many occasions it has details in the lower peaks of the garment and you would be hiding them under the pants.

When it comes to comfort and style, linen guayaberas are a great option, thanks to the properties of linen as a conductor of heat, it allows you to be cooler in summer and warm in winter, and by the design of the guayabera shirt, to be fashionable.

Remember to choose a guayabera made of linen or other natural fabrics, as synthetic fabrics are somewhat uncomfortable, generate more heat and are less durable.

If you don't want to sweat, use linen or linen-cotton blends.And don't worry about linen wrinkling, it wrinkles very easily but as we always say, it's a beautiful and natural wrinkle. If you prefer it ironed, in our article : How to iron a guayabera shirt.

3. What are the trendy colors for a guayabera?

1. White never goes out of style. So you know, a white linen guayabera will always be in fashion, no matter the time or place, elegant or casual.

2. The everyday: bright and cheerful colors like beige, which never fails and combines with everything, the sky blue or coral linen guayabera.

3. The elegant: dark shades such as navy blue or opt for sober colors like light gray.

II - When to wear a guayabera?

1. Wearing a guayabera to a beach wedding!

If you are having a beach wedding, and you are the guest, this should be your number one choice. It can be worn loose with a pair of pants. If you prefer to tie it, use a belt in the same color as your shoes.

Remember that the pants should be linen or dress pants and in light colors like beige or gray (do not use white pants) and the shoes can be moccasin type (not black) without socks.

You are the groom! Then you are the most important man of this wedding and you must look impeccable, use white guayabera  but long sleeves to look super elegant, in Linen Horse we present a collection of first class guayaberas for you to wear in your wedding.

Remember that if you have groomsmen, they should also look according to the occasion, simply perfect.

A business meeting! Corporate meeting at the beach or somewhere very hot and you don't know what to wear?

Choose a white or light-colored guayabera and combine it with dark chino pants, either black or brown. Use shoes or moccasins in the same color as your pants.

2. Wearing a guayabera to a casual event is super chic!

Linen guayaberas can also be used in informal and super informal events, the best choice will be the short-sleeved ones, as they are the most comfortable.

A practical tip is that if you have a white or beige guayabera you can combine it with any other color like yellow or blue shorts, play with your style using the white guayabera as a wildcard.

Now if you prefer a linen guayabera of any other color, combine it with a light gray, dark gray, beige or navy blue bermuda or how about a pair of ripped jeans to look super jovial. Y

ou can wear some nice leather sandals to be cool and super comfortable or some loafers without socks.

At Linen Horse we specialize in linen guayaberas so you can take a look at our embroidered or colored guayaberas.

III - The guayabera : An essential element in your closet

As you have seen, you can wear a guayabera on several occasions and you can combine it with the rest of your clothes in a thousand different ways.

More than a fashion, wearing a guayabera is a state of mind.With all these tips, you are already a guayabera expert.

You will find it very easy to choose the clothes and accessories to match it for your next outing with friends or your next wedding.So, are you ready to dress stylishly and elegantly?

Discover the collection of linen guayaberas we have selected for you by clicking on the image below. 👇

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