how to wear a dark guayabera

How to Wear a Dark Guayabera

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Dive into the captivating world of dark guayabera, a veritable nugget of masculine style! While the white guayabera is often in the spotlight, it would be a shame to overlook the incomparable assets of its dark variants: navy blue, black, midnight blue, raw indigo, and much more.

In this article, we reveal all the secrets of this versatile and elegant shirt, which is becoming a veritable Swiss Army knife of the men's dressing room. Discover its many uses and the different ways to wear it for an irresistible look.

What Colors of Pants Go Best with a Black Guayabera?

Because black guayaberas are so versatile, a guayabera in this color can be paired with any trouser. Black is a basic color, so it complements other colors. You can wear a black guayabera with pants of any color.

Your taste will determine what you wear it with. In terms of color palette, black goes well with red, which is a vibrant color, and with a dark color that balances and complements it. But if you don't like red, it's a matter of personal taste, so you can pair it with blue pants, green pants, and so on.

Today, we wanted to create combinations that are functional, but also have a casual touch, so you can use these looks on different occasions and make your look suitable for all informal occasions.

Black Guayabera with Black Pants

Monochrome is one of our favorite clothing trends. It's a way of creating an elegant look and, in the case of black combined with black, it brings a lot of elegance. Black itself is an evening color, and if you wear black, you'll look great.

In this case, the look consists of a long-sleeved black guayabera that closes at the cuffs, paired with black pants, which can be any cut you like. Finally, socks and elegant black shoes, preferably with laces.

Personally, we don't like belts with big buckles, so we choose something much more sober and that doesn't draw attention to this area. In any case, the belt sits below your guayabera so it won't show. Make sure you achieve a balanced yet elegant look.

We were talking about long-sleeved guayaberas, but short-sleeved guayaberas also work perfectly, especially in summer.

Black Guayabera and White Pants

White pants are hard to wear, we're not going to lie. It's a color that can be a hit or a disaster. When buying white pants, make sure the fabric is thick enough not to show through. Thicker fabrics also allow pants to drape or fit better. The thinner the fabric, the more unwanted creases may appear in certain areas.

Assuming you have the ideal pants, they can be of any cut. It could be skinny pants, but straight-cut pants can look great and add elegance to the look.

In this case, the guayabera is long-sleeved or short-sleeved, on the outside of the pants of course.

For shoes, wear white sneakers with colorful details on the sides. Sneakers will work well for more casual everyday wear, but for more formal wear, casual shoes are ideal.

Black Guayabera and Checkered Pants

Black guayaberas are usually the center of attention in a look, precisely because their color complements the others. And also because the simple cut of the guayabera with its front pockets draws the eye. Let's be honest, the guayabera is much classier than the classic black shirt.

That's why, when you wear a black guayabera, you can take a risk and wear a pattern on your pants, as in the case of checked pants. They're very much in vogue and many consider them one of the must-haves of men's wardrobes.

These can be pants with a dark gray base, adorned with light grey and black vertical and horizontal lines forming medium and smaller squares. This pattern is really beautiful, and you can get it in other lighter shades. We recommend wearing a short-sleeved guayabera for the perfect casual look. A pair of loafers will also work well for shoes.

How to Create Elegant Looks with a Black Guayabera?

Black embodies absolute elegance, and the black guayabera offers a multitude of possibilities for remarkable combinations. You can create sophisticated yet casual outfits, perfect for a variety of occasions, day or night.

For special evenings out, sublimate your style by wearing a black guayabera with elegant pieces. Forget the traditional suit and opt for an elegant, original ensemble that's sure to turn heads. But let's not forget that black guayabera can also shine in daylight, whether for weddings, business meetings or simply at work.

To inspire you, we've selected some of our favorite looks featuring this black guayabera. You'll see how this versatile piece can be transformed and adapted to different outfits, depending on your mood and the occasion.

Unleash your creativity and reinvent your style with this iconic shirt.

Black Guayabera Meets Grey Pants

Pairing a basic with another basic always creates a successful look, but there are ways to sublimate it, and that's thanks to a well-chosen color. For this look, we have a solid black guayabera, whose collar can be closed to the last button for a formal look, or slightly unbuttoned for a casual touch, perfect for daytime occasions or a less strict dress code.

The pants, meanwhile, feature a light gray hue in shades of darker gray and white. The contrast adds a touch of elegance to the ensemble, creating a visual harmony that is making a strong comeback in men's fashion today.

This color combination is a true classic revisited with style and refinement, allowing you to create a timelessly chic look.

Elegant Alliance Between Black Guayabera and Blue Pants

Some men have long been reluctant to adopt bold colors in their wardrobe. However, it's possible to remain classic while adding style to your appearance. Opt for dark blue pants, a color that goes perfectly with the black of the Guayabera.

Dark blue can be considered a basic color, as it blends harmoniously with other shades, including black. To create an elegant alliance, choose a plain Guayabera, or opt for an embroidered black guayabera that contrasts beautifully with the blue of the pants. Make sure the guayabera fits perfectly around the shoulders and that the sleeves end in the right place. A well-fitted garment will give an impeccable result.

The secret lies in choosing the perfect guayabera, and it's not necessarily necessary to opt for a made-to-measure model. With a little careful research, you can find a guayabera that suits you perfectly.

Black Guayabera and White/Cream Blazer

Black and white go very well together, but you have to be careful how you combine them. A black guayabera, white blazer, black pants and white shoes is a bit of a color overkill and ends up looking like a chess-inspired look.

If you decide to combine white and black, white should be the predominant color, so try not to overdo it. For this look, wear a black guayabera, black pants, black socks, a black belt and black shoes. The only thing that will add a touch of white is the blazer.

By the way, if you'd like to know more about how to wear a guayabera with a blazer, this is the place to find out.

If you find the combination of black and white too contrasting, you should know that there are many types of white. Not necessarily pure white, but creamy white, off-white or any other type of white.

Black Guayabera for Special Occasions

For cocktails and parties, dark guayabera replaces the traditional white guayabera. For a flawless look, keep it simple with a monochrome navy blue outfit, or even a black guayabera for men. A few details, such as embroidery or an accessory, will make all the difference.

Dark Guayabera: Elegance and Contrast for Your Style

Cooler seasons like winter offer an ideal opportunity to proudly sport a dark guayabera. However, it's essential to master the art of pairing to avoid errors of taste. Opt for a subtle contrast between the different pieces of your outfit, by skilfully combining light and dark colors. Avoid combining dark and different shades, as this can dull the whole look.

For a casual or semi-casual look, dark guayabera is a perfect choice, while for a dressy look, lighter shades are preferable. Blue denim pairs elegantly with a dark shirt, while raw denim works best with shirts in light or bright hues.

Linen pants are an excellent ally for completing an outfit with a dark guayabera. Don't forget to brighten up your outfit with colorful accessories such as an authentic hand-woven jipijapa hat, a clutch bag or bright shoes. These elements will add a cheerful, modern touch, subtly brightening up your look.

For more inspiration, keep exploring our blog, and be sure to visit our Instagram and Pinterest for new style ideas. At Linen Horse, we're here to help you put together bold, elegant outfits that showcase the timeless beauty of dark guayabera.

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