how to wear a pink guayabera

How to Wear a Pink Guayabera

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Find out how to wear pink guayabera in style in this captivating article. Once considered a color reserved for women, pink has now conquered the men's wardrobe, for both formal and casual occasions.

Pink guayaberas offer a flamboyant touch to any outfit, whether paired with dress pants or weekend shorts. But how do you find the perfect combination to wear a pink guayabera?

In this article, we'll guide you on the right way to wear a pink guayabera so you can stand out in style. Pink is a soft color, both sober and elegant, that blends easily with other shades. We'll explore which shades of pink to choose, which outfits work best together and tips for creating irresistible looks.

Whether you're looking for advice on choosing the perfect pink, ideas for coordinating your pink guayabera or outfit inspiration, this article will answer all your questions. Discover how to express your unique style with the pink guayabera, a must-have piece for modern men.

The history of pink in men's fashion

The word "rose" comes from the flower of the same name. In today's popular culture, it refers to women, in contrast to blue, which evokes men. Each of these colors differentiates the two sexes.

However, if we go back in time, we discover that pink was historically the color of men. It was considered a strong color, derived from red. Many dolphins, the eldest sons of the kings of France, wore it. It represented virility!

The 18th century saw the first feminization of the color: Madame de Pompadour seized on pink and gave her name to "rose Pompadour". Pink really became a woman's color with the advent of the Romantic movement in the 19th century. It became synonymous with tenderness, femininity and softness.

And in the 20th century, it was promoted by great cinema icons such as Brigitte Bardot and her pink gingham dress, or Marylin Monroe and her "shocking pink" tight-fitting dress.

In the '60s, pink became politicized and symbolized a protest movement against the establishment or established order. Rock stars like Mick Jagger wore it as a sign of defiance.

mick jaeger in pink clothes

Today, pink has entered the men's wardrobe in small doses, notably through the guayabera. It has even become a classic, easy to match and providing a more original touch than the eternal white shirt.

What type of pink to choose for a guayabera?

There's a whole palette of pinks, from the lightest to the darkest. For men's guayaberas, the focus is on pale, pastel tones. Exit the fushias and flashy pinks that are too daring...

You can opt for a plain pink or one with fine stripes. You can choose any fabric, from cotton to linen, depending on the occasion.

Pale pink brings softness and light, contrasting with a virile masculine figure, making it all the more seductive.

different type of pink for guayaberas

What colors to match a pink guayabera with?

Wear a man's pink guayabera over jeans with an off-the-shoulder sweater in a dark but neutral color to contrast and highlight the pink. Match it with brown leather shoes and belt, and a pretty watch to complete the look. In the evening, you can even swap your sweater for a little navy blue jacket for a sleek, elegant silhouette.

Finally, if you opt for linen pants, choose beige or blue. Avoid too many colors in your outfit, pink already being one of them.

In a more formal setting, at work or at a reception, wear your pink men's guayabera with navy blue or dark grey pants. In summer, you can choose light-colored pants in beige or khaki.

Pink goes well with all skin types. Like the white guayabera, the pink men's guayabera is a must-have for those who don't already have it in their wardrobe. It adds a touch of originality while coordinating easily with neutral colors.

To find out about the different types of guayabera fabric to wear for different occasions, check out our article on the different types of guayabera fabric.

Wearing a pink guayabera with linen pants

When you're considering wearing your pink guayabera with pants alone, you could go wrong with the choice of trouser color. The pink hue is versatile and can easily attract attention if worn with the right color combination.

You can confidently wear your pink guayabera with beige or brown linen pants, but also with navy blue, black or gray linen pants. If you're feeling a bit adventurous, you could try wearing green, purple or white linen pants.

Choosing the color of your linen pants with a pink guayabera also depends on the occasion. When you're going to a formal occasion, it's advisable to stick to shades of black, anthracite or navy blue pants.

But if you're planning to wear your pink guayabera on a casual occasion, you can experiment with other shades to attract attention and stand out.

Wearing a pink guayabera with suit pants

Now you're probably wondering how to wear a pink guayabera with suit pants? Well, if you're still living in a bubble where a pink guayabera with suit pants is a faux pas, then you might want to update your fashion knowledge a bit.

Pink guayaberas are becoming the latest trend with dress pants because they make you stand out in a crowd.

Gray pants with pink guayabera

One of the most elegant combinations is to wear gray pants with a pink guayabera. It defines your sophistication and style.

Be sure to choose the lighter shade of pink guayabera if you choose to wear dark gray pants. Alternatively, you can wear light gray pants and a bright pink guayabera. To add a modern touch, wear a classic brown dress shoe. This type of combination can help you balance the tone.

Blue pants with pink guayabera

Use this combination when attending a party or wedding. Wearing blue pants and a pink guayabera helps you make a stylish statement. This combination is highly recommended for those who prefer to stand out among the guests.

Choose the blue color of your outfit to match your skin tone. You can choose from midnight, cobalt, pale or other shades of blue and dress to impress with a pink guayabera.

Navy blue pants with pink guayabera

If you're serious about your style and want to flatter everyone in the room with your flamboyant presence, consider wearing navy blue pants with a pink guayabera. This combination works equally well for formal and casual events.

Wear a jipi japa hat to accessorize and present yourself as the most fashionable person in the room!

pink cuban guayabera shirt

Black pants with pink guayabera

Black pants symbolize professionalism. Whenever you want to go formal, the best choice would be to wear black pants, preferably with a pink guayabera. The color pink adds an instant touch to the look and feel, and it also looks aesthetically pleasing.

You can wear black pants with fine stripes with a plain light pink guayabera. Alternatively, if your black pants are plain, you could possibly wear an embroidered pink guayabera.

Wearing a pink guayabera with jeans

If you're planning to wear your pink guayabera with jeans to a casual event, make sure you choose dark denim. Blue denim and pink guayabera are a perfect combination for a casual outfit.

Make a style statement with pink guayabera !

Finding the fashion sense in wearing a pink guayabera for different occasions can be a real thought. However, the results are worth it when you find the perfect combination with your pink guayabera.

Use this comprehensive guide to create a lasting impression with your pink guayaberas, whether for formal or casual occasions, wherever you are!

Pink is a soft, easy-to-match color that's both understated and elegant. Once associated with a certain idea of femininity, pink has broken free from this stereotype and is now embraced by men and women alike. The pink men's guayabera is a striking example of this evolution.

Indeed, the pink guayabera has become one of the most popular models among men, rivalling the white and blue guayabera. It's important to note that when we talk about pink guayabera, we're referring to a soft shade rather than a bright pink, which can be more difficult to match. Unlike bright pink, pale pink goes well with many other colors.

Introducing the color pink into your guayabera wardrobe adds a touch of eccentric diversity. Specifically, when it comes to a pink guayabera for men, it allows you to stand out while retaining your sophistication. What's more, the pink hue has the quality to flatter all skin tones.

To find out all our tips on color combinations and avoid errors of taste, check out our complete guide on how to wear a guayabera with style.

Get ready to make a splash with your pink guayabera and let your elegance shine through. Don't be afraid to stand out and create memorable looks thanks to the versatility of the pink guayabera.

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