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How to Wear a Jipi Japa Hat This Summer ?

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With the hot summer months comes the need for more relaxed dressing. Light cottons and linens, shorts and espadrilles will have their day. But how about adding some straw to your look this year ?

No, don't rush off to call your farmer uncle. We're talking about jipi japa hats, an accessory that's as summery as a linen shirt and can only be worn this time of year.

Contrary to what you might think, they add a touch of elegance to your summer look, as well as protecting you from the sun's rays.

It's one of the most popular pieces in a man's wardrobe. But you still need to know how to wear it, to avoid looking like a red-neck cliché.

Is your face made for a jipi japa hat?

Not all faces are made for all hats. Wide-brimmed hats are best suited to men with round faces, while thin-brimmed hats are best suited to slim faces.

As for color, if your face is round or square, opt for a hat with a light hue. Otherwise, you can opt for more pronounced colors.

What style of jipi japa hat?

For a casual yet elegant look, you can opt for an classic off-white model, which breaks with traditional straw yellow. However, if you're going for a traditional, country feel, opt for a natural color.

When it comes to shape, the same logic applies. You can either opt for a traditional look with a round back and pinched front, or go for a style all your own. An entirely round hat, for example, will give you an English style akin to a bowler hat. Don't limit yourself, experiment !

Finally, don't hesitate to personalize it a little, by adding a fabric band around the edge, for example. You can also turn to pre-customized models, such as those on headict.com.

Make a statement with your Jipi Japa hat

Wear your hat, don't let it wear you.

The great thing about jipi japa hats is that they can be incorporated into so many different styles. Of course, you'll want to avoid pairing it with a suit or streetwear. Apart from that, it can be worn with almost any wardrobe.

You can wear it with a French Riviera look (linen shirt and pants, loafers) or a casual look (Bermuda shorts, shirt worn outside).

The important thing is how you wear it. Place it straight on your head for a traditional effect, or wear it askew for a more casual look.

Get the right size

Like all men's clothing, size and fit are essential. So make sure your hat fits your head properly. Not only do you want to avoid it flying off in the slightest breeze, but you also want it to fit your figure correctly.

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