how to wear blue guayabera

How to Wear the Blue Guayabera

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Are you looking for a blue guayabera or wondering how to wear a blue guayabera? Short-sleeved blue guayabera, long-sleeved blue guayabera, wondering how to look stylish with your Caribbean shirt?

Relax, at Linen Horse we're guayabera experts and know exactly how to help you.

As well as the basic but essential white guayabera, every man needs a blue guayabera in his wardrobe. Classy and very versatile, this color is easy to match and can be worn on many occasions.

In this article, we'll look together at :

  • what colors to wear with blue
  • what pants to wear with a blue guayabera
  • how to wear a blue guayabera
  • and how to choose your guayabera for the perfect look.

Here are our tips for wearing a blue guayabera in style.

How to choose your blue guayabera?

There are many choices when it comes to buying a new blue shirt. Before you buy, it's important to think carefully about your needs, so you don't make the wrong choice.

The criteria you absolutely must think about before buying:

  • color (light or dark blue)
  • type of guayabera (dress or casual)
  • when you're going to wear it (summer or winter guayabera)

What colors should I wear with blue?

It goes perfectly with other shades of blue, whether indigo or navy. You can also wear it with black, gray, khaki, beige, brown, camel and even burgundy.

As you can see, blue is one of those all-purpose colors that's easy to match.

What pants to wear with a blue guayabera?

With a light blue guayabera, you can wear simple linen pants, jeans or even suit pants. Color-wise, the choice is yours: light blue can be worn with everything. A man can perfectly match his blue guayabera with a wide range of colors.

Burgundy pants, faded blue jeans, raw denim jeans, grey suit pants, and so on. The sky's the limit.

How do I wear a blue guayabera?

You can easily wear a light-blue guayabera with navy-blue pants and a pair of brown shoes. Otherwise, burgundy, khaki, beige, brown and camel pants work well with a sky-blue guayabera.

For the top, an off-the-shoulder sweater for cooler evenings, a vest or blazer in the aforementioned colors will be a sure source.

Elegance with classic black pants

You can wear a blue guayabera with a multitude of pants for the most elegant dressy look. Navy blue, beige, gray, brown pants - almost any color can work.

At Linen Horse, we think the best combination is a pair of navy blue pants with brown shoes. You can wear a pair of boots for a casual look, or derbies for a dressier look.

The sportswear look

The blue guayabera can also be worn in a sportswear look. It's a stunning combination that looks great with navy blue or black swim shorts.

Blue guayabera with khaki pants

As I told you, you can wear a blue guayabera with many colors, including khaki. A great combination for a look that's dressy but not strict. Ideal for an after-work or romantic dinner.

Without a jacket, you obviously need to choose a guayabera in the right size and adapted to your morphology if you don't want to lose face.

For a slightly more surprising look, but still in the same colors, you can wear a light blue short-sleeved guayabera with cargo pants and a pair of boots. The contrast between the ruggedness of the cargo pants and boots and the elegance of the guayabera is striking.

With beige shorts

Because you can be elegant even on vacation, you can wear a light blue guayabera with a pair of tight-fitting chino shorts. The blue guayabera is an all-rounder and ideal for casual chic.

For footwear, a pair of sneakers or loafers and you're all set for vacation.

Which blue guayabera to choose for summer?

Blue is an ideal color for a summer guayabera, but be careful not to get too hot.

In summer, prefer light guayabera weaves such as cotton or linen. Take the time to look at the thickness of the fabric too: despite the weave, some guayaberas can be thicker than others, making them more difficult to bear in summer. Thick fabric doesn't mean a guayabera is quality, and vice versa.

So pay close attention to details and seams when making your choice.

Material is also an important consideration. At Linen Horse, we don't use any synthetic materials (polyester, polyamide, elastane etc.) and we advise you to do the same, as these materials don't wick moisture well and will make you sweat.

Instead, opt for natural materials such as organic cotton, linen or cotton-wool blends.

If you'd like to find out more about the materials we choose for our guayaberas, read our in-depth article on the subject: > The different fabrics used to make a guayabera

Which blue guayabera in winter?

In winter, choose a thick material to keep you warm. Don't hesitate to ask for the guayabera's grammage, so you can make a more accurate assessment of the fabric's thickness.

If you're more the chilly type, choose thicker fabrics such as linen.

To wear any of your guayaberas in winter (with the exception of the short-sleeved guayabera), don't hesitate to layering. Pair your guayabera with a sweater or blazer for an elegant, exotic look even in cold weather.

a - Light blue or sky blue guayabera

When we think of a blue guayabera, we immediately think of the light blue guayabera.

Although we've said very little about the shade of blue in this article, in our opinion, it's best to choose your guayabera in a fairly light blue. Light, sky or medium-dark blue will go well with many outfits.

b - The navy blue guayabera

The rule quoted a few lines above "the ideal is to wear a guayabera lighter than your pants"? Well, this rule can obviously be bent when it comes to choosing a dark blue guayabera.

The navy blue guayabera is a timelessly elegant choice. Its deep, refined hue adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Whether for a formal or casual occasion, navy blue guayabera blends perfectly with a variety of styles and colors.

Pair it with beige pants for a classic, chic look, or dare to combine it with brighter tones like red or yellow for a bold, modern look. Whatever your combination, navy blue guayabera offers timeless elegance and undeniable charm.

c - Embroidered blue guayabera

We haven't mentioned the embroidered blue guayabera often, but it's an excellent alternative to the plain blue guayabera.

It goes well with many outfits, but it's important not to mix too many patterns between your guayabera and your pants or shorts.

The embroidered blue guayabera offers an elegant and original variation on the classic guayabera. The embroidered details add a touch of sophistication and finesse to this iconic outfit.

When opting for an embroidered blue guayabera, it's essential to be subtle in your choice of accessories. Avoid overloading your outfit with other patterns or stripes, to allow the guayabera's embroidery to come into its own.

embroidered guayaberas

Choose plain, sober pieces to create a harmonious balance. Whether for a special occasion or a casual day out, the blue embroidered guayabera offers you a unique and refined style.

We hope these few tips will help you choose your blue guayaberas.

Remember, a well-chosen guayabera is a guayabera you'll keep longer, and therefore have less impact on the planet.

As we like to say at Linen Horse, "Buy less, but buy better!"

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