Cuban purple hat


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  • Cuban style hat now with purple tones!

    Highlighting the color purple in your jipijapa hat.

    Purple is an extremely versatile color so it can be incorporated into a wide variety of garments and accessories, which keeps it relevant in fashion all year round. As you may well know, certain colors come and go in popularity, but purple always makes a comeback, which ensures that it is always present in the fashion world. Now imagine purple woven into your jipijapa hat. Of course, there are colors for every taste and you could choose a natural colored hat but if you are more adventurous, you could choose a jipijapa hat in purple and natural tones.

    The figures formed by hand weaving will give you that different touch, remember that each of the Linen Horse hats, because they are handmade, are unique, they are exclusive. Thanks to its elegant Cuban ironing, you can wear it in a formal daytime event, a baptism or a garden wedding, combined with a purple guayabera and blue linen pants or cooler or more casual, at the beach with a purple bermuda shorts and a white guayabera.This hat will always make you look with personal style.

    Hat for women!

    Because we women like to take care of our skin from the sun, this jipijapa hat, besides protecting us from UV rays, will give us that chic touch that our outfit needs to enhance it.

    Imagine a linen dress in purple or beige tones, some sandals and as the icing on the cake, this exclusive hat in natural and purple tones. Give character to your style with the accessories you use and remember that the accessory is as important as the outfit, and an accessory can turn a boring look into a spectacular one.

    About the Crisscross Jipijapa Hat :

    • Composition: Made from 100% jipi japa (young palm sprouts)
    • Shape : Fedora
    • Edge width:  6.5cm
    • Head height: Designed with  10cm
    • Manufacturing: Skillfully braided and crafted in Becal, (cradle of the jipi japa hat)
    • Braiding quality: The hat boasts a superior 5 braiding quality, ensuring durability and exquisite craftsmanship.
    • Handmade manufacturing time : 40 days
    • Customizable strip color : Ask for your favorite color

    See our article on jipijapa braiding for more details and insights.

    • Care instructions: Avoid exposure to excessive moisture and direct sunlight. Clean gently with a soft brush or cloth.
    • Additional features: Lightweight and breathable design, perfect for hot weather. Classic and versatile style suitable for various occasions.

    Proudly handmade in Yucatan, Mexico

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